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Our Eramsus project at Ysgol Heol Goffa has taken over from Comenius but has the same principals of linking with Special Needs School.  Our schools this time are in Dublin, Belfast and Edinburgh.

 The project aims are to:

  • Gain knowledge in new methods of communication and augmentative forms of communication
  • Implement early intervention using the group of pupils
  • Study and assess the implementation and quality of early intervention
  • Develop intervention methods
  • Work with teaching colleges
  • Work with parents and staff
  • Arrange visits to the school
  • Provide workshops and forums during school visits

Over the three years, all schools and our Speech and Language therapist will be working closely together to support our pupil’s communication needs across the school. At first a case study of pupils were identified that were non-verbal however it became apparent very quickly that our approach

needed to be whole school and would benefit every child.

 Over the first two years several members of staff have been trained in an area of expertise hosted by each of the schools.  This has included staff being trained in social stories, the use of PECS, looking at your environment, a whole school INSET on ‘Talkabout’ training and social communication, eye gaze and early literacy skills, and assessment.  The project is currently in the second year and is raising awareness of the need for basic communication, social skills and the use of symbols.