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Ser Y Byd - Netball Club

The Ser y Byd annual presentation was on 11th May at the Selwyn Samuel Centre;every pupil had a certificate and medal - Josh Price won the Best Player Award.

Here's the link to the Llanelli online article about the event:
Ser y byd went on a trip to the National Sports Centre for Wales on Monday 14th May to watch the Celtic Dragons play Loughborough Lightning (with a pitstop in "Harvester" on the way).


Ser y Byd is an integrated all-ability Netball team based in Llanelli and the only inclusive Netball Team in Wales. The squad is made up of pupils from Ysgol Heol Goffa and clients from Coleshill Adult Training Centre, and is going from strength to strength. This season Ser y Byd took part in Division 5, and 6 matches were played intermittently throughout the season against; Llanelli Blues, Morganite, Merlins, Sospans, Scarlettes and Harbour Diamonds.

SYB finished the season with a total of 19 points; 3 matches won, 1 drawn and 2 lost
- a total of 123 goals were scored.

Congratulations to Best Players: Roger from Coleshill and Kieran from Heol Goffa; they received their awards from Denise, the Chairwoman of Llanelli Netball League, and Sarah the CEO of Welsh Netball

In 2010 we started netball training in Ysgol Heol Goffa with a total of seven or eight players, usually during a PE session or during lunch breaks. Over the years pupils interest has grown and we have progressed to having an allocation at Llanelli Leisure Centre every Friday for training and now have a total of eighteen players.


Interest has grown and recently we have joined with clients and staff at Coleshill adult training centre to form a joint club of unisex members. Many past pupils have remained members of the club from leaving Ysgol Heol Goffa through transition to adult services.


We now have 40 members regularly trainingand they look forward to attending sessions, meeting new and old friends, working together as part of a team. Players have benefited greatly from skills learned in our sessions– confidence building, self-esteem, including seeing to their personal care.


We welcome any new players above the age of thirteen to join our club and help our club expand and grow.