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Ser Y Byd - Netball Club

Two of our boys took part in their first game in Llanelli Summer League against Harbour Lights from Burry Port on Sunday 21st May 2017. Their team won 17-14!!
Here are pictures of the Ser-y-Byd netball team from Tuesday 7th February 2017 in the
Wales vs New Zealand Netball game in Cardiff.
Wales hosted a game against New Zealand for the first time in Wales for 20 years.


The team (6 pupils from Heol Goffa and 6 adults from Coleshill) walked out hand in hand with the Welsh team and did a lap of the court waving to the crowd. They stayed out on court whilst the National Anthems were sung and then enjoyed watching the game in their designated seats. They also had a lovely team photo with both the Welsh and NZ team at the end of the game. The video that is further down this page was played in the Stadium prior to the game and our team also featured

in a one page write up in the match programme.

The pupils really enjoyed the experience and it was lovely to see them with huge smiles on their faces.

3 pupils from Heol Goffa  competed with 7 service users from Coleshill in a National Netball Competition. The athletes are part of "Ser y Byd" Netball team and represented Wales in the Special Olympics GB 2016 National Netball Competition on Saturday 19 November 2016 in Cheshire.

Here's a video of them in action...

Some of the pupils took part in the Special Olympics girls netball competition in Liverpool, where they represented Wales. The pupils travelled to Liverpool by bus and slept in a local hotel before taking part in the netball competition the following day. The team finished 5th and thrived on the experiences, including the social aspects and physical skills development.


In 2010 we started netball training in Ysgol Heol Goffa with a total of seven or eight players, usually during a PE session or during lunch breaks. Over the years pupils interest has grown and we have progressed to having an allocation at Llanelli Leisure Centre every Friday for training and now have a total of eighteen players.


Interest has grown and recently we have joined with clients and staff at Coleshill adult training centre to form a joint club of unisex members. Many past pupils have remained members of the club from leaving Ysgol Heol Goffa through transition to adult services.


As we now have 40 members regularly training it has been decided that we become an

official disability inclusive netball club- The only one in Wales!

Members look forward to attending sessions, meeting new and old friends, working

together as part of a team. Players have benefited greatly from skills learned in our

sessions– confidence building, self-esteem, including seeing to their personal care.


We welcome any new players above the age of thirteen to join our club and help our club go from strength to strength.