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Skiing at Ysgol Heol Goffa

*** Latest news from Austria  - 6th February 2017***

All pupils are enjoying the skiing and trying their best, and  the weather has been lovely - very warm! Plenty of snow, and hopefully more forecast. Hope to send some pictures soon. Mr P Welton - Class 9.


Skiing at Heol Goffa has taken place for over 20 years, this has taken the form of a weekly session at the dry slope at Pembrey and a yearly trip abroad to ski on snow. The school has also given its students the opportunity to compete in ski races as part of the Special Olympic Organization at area level and both National and International level.

Skiing presents a physical challenge which encourages students to learn new forms of movement and balance and also helps build the confidence to pursue an active lifestyle. When abroad it can help develop environmental awareness, the students learn about an environment different from the one they live in. Skiing can aid the Personal and social development of pupils, through skiing they may experience challenge, develop a sense of responsibility for their own safety and that of others, develop their self confidence. While skiing abroad they learn about the culture and customs of another country, they also put in to practice the self help and life skills which they are developing in school. Over the past 20 years students and staff have skied in France, Austria and Italy. The students have competed in National Games in Scotland and in Italy and have represented Great Britain in America, Japan and South Korea.

Austria 2016

This year 7 pupils took part in the very successful ski trip to Austria. Once again ‘Babs’ made us all very welcome.

 All the pupils achieved a great deal and should be praised for their high standard of behaviour and accomplishments on the slopes. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this trip both memorable and possible.

“It was my first time and I really enjoyed” – Adam.

“I improved from last year” – Sion.

One highlight of this year’s ski trip was meeting Michael Walchhofer World Champion Alpine Ski Racer, (The David Beckham of Skiing!) He was very grateful for Mr Welton who gave him a few tips to improve his technique!

West Wales Ski Club Schools Competition 2016

 For the first time a team of four skiers entered from school, they were racing against skiers from all over West Wales. The team was Ruth, Tyler, Sion and Michael, they all skied extremely well with Sion winning the gold medal in his age category.


 Pembrey Ski-slope photos...please scroll down the page. If you want a larger version,

please click on the small photo.