National Curriculum

The National Curriculum at Ysgol Heol Goffa

The school provides a broad and balanced curriculum and it is always aware of and sensitive to each pupil’s developmental stage.

The focus of the curriculum is to develop:

Self Help skills

Communication skills

Literacy and numeracy skills

Literacy, numeracy, cookery and physical education are taught as individual subjects and all other National Curriculum subjects are taught through a thematic approach. Learning within the curriculum is reinforced by the regular provision of real life experiences. 

Sign Along is used throughout school and

TALKABOUT sessions focus on developing social communication skills. Literacy enrichment and Read, Write Inc. sessions focus on developing literacy skills. Mathematics sessions focus on developing number, time and money skills.

Imaginative learning projects from the Cornerstones Curriculum are used as a Curriculum planning tool. Teaching of the curriculum is approached through group or individual work and activities are differentiated to suit the ability of each pupil.  Every pupil has an Individual Education Programme that includes targets for literacy, numeracy, Personal, health and Social Education and ICT. The targets are linked to the Literacy and Numeracy Framework and are reviewed regularly throughout the school year.

Celebrating pupil success is important at Ysgol Heol Goffa.


 The National Curriculum in Action at Ysgol Heol Goffa


Routes for Learning, P Levels and National Curriculum levels are used to assess pupils. When pupils enter school they are assessed and a baseline of their abilities established.  Further assessment is continuous and comprehensive, designed to monitor progress and inform educational programmes.

Pupils are involved in evaluating their own learning using Assessment for Learning (AFL) strategies.