Latest news from the Head Teacher - Feb 2018

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Hello and a belated happy new year to everyone, I hope you all had a good break.

It’s been all go here since before Christmas, as Senior School were preparing to move themselves lock, stock and barrel into what was known as the Social Activity Centre next door.

We’ve been outgrowing the original school site, so we were delighted when the local authority approved a move into next door. A lot of refurbishment has gone on, including installing new fire and intruder alarms, a new boiler, as well as new flooring, all of which has been funded by the county, however we were still left with a lot of decorating to do. I’m thrilled to say that is now nearly complete, thanks to the three days at the start of term when as well as moving furniture into place, school staff were painting, hoovering and generally making it habitable for Senior School to move in on the first Thursday of term.

In the meantime, Mr. Johnston was preparing to move into Class 9, which is now our Nurture Group. There’s a lovely atmosphere in there, and the pupils and staff are bonding really well! Mrs. Radford has moved all the musical instruments and drama costumes into Class 8, which is now the Therapeutic Music Room, and Rhian has moved her Talkabout room from what was a (very small) library into the old gym.

It’s surprising what a difference environment makes, the new premises are light and airy, and everyone who’s been there has commented on what a lovely space it is. When Mr. Welton returns from Austria he’ll be planning the “Opening” of the building, so that parents and Governors can look around for themselves.

It’s been a lot of change for the pupils, but they’ve coped really well, it’s been very exciting, and it’s a practice run for when we move to the new school in a few years’ time. This will give us an opportunity to see what works, and what doesn’t, and help us in our eventual move down South!

Keep checking in to see photos……