Adverse Weather





The decision to close the school due to bad weather is taken in the interest of the safety and welfare of pupils, staff and school transport. If the school has to close due to adverse weather, we will inform you in different ways depending when/what time the school closes.

Adverse weather overnight

If the weather forces the school to remain closed on any particular morning, all parents and carers will need to check Carmarthenshire County Council Website which will be up-dated constantly, as well as the School Website.  The School will also use local radio services to inform you from early in the morning.


Adverse weather occurring during the school day

If the weather becomes bad during the working day meaning that the school will close early we will contact all parents/carers. The decision to get children home early and safely may also be taken by school transport for the safety of their staff as road conditions deteriorate, in which case the bus companies will contact the school with their decision. No child will be left in school or unattended at home.