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Dosbarth Carreg Cennen (Class 11) - Mr P Welton

Bike maintenance

Pupils have been learning about cycle maintenance from carrying out an ‘M’ Check to repairing a puncture. The course has covered all the routine checks required for safe riding. This has been hugely beneficial, as the school bikes are in need of some TLC.

Practical Workshop

 The workshop is starting to take shape with plenty of projects being successfully completed.

Pupils have been following the Agored Cymru unit ‘Practical Workshop’ this covers having an understanding about working in a workshop including Health and Safety and producing a piece of work.

Completed work has included making a bird feeder, Cajun drum and Christmas decorations. Pupils have also been busy around the senior school making coat hooks, shelfing and putting up a garden shed.

Table Cricket Competition

Pupil were given the chance to compete in the regional Table Cricket final in Sophia Gardens Cardiff. With the help from an England and Wales Cricket coach ‘Les’; pupils were able to master the game and score as many runs as they could. It was a great first attempt and we were all very proud of their effort and commitment.




 Shop Logo

Senior School Enterprise has invested in a Dye Sublimation Press.  This printing system is identical in almost every aspect to the full scale manufacturing systems currently being used by industry.

The process of dye sublimation is excellent for printing onto a wide range of materials including mugs, t-shirts, mouse mats and iPhone cases.

So far we have found the process to be quick and clean, allowing students to produce a wide range of ‘true retail quality’ printed items.

The Dye Sublimation process will offer us the chance to invest in a new technology that will give the pupils a chance to experience working in a ‘real life’ business.

Shop Logo Plus